Activities & Attractions in Morelia

Places of Interest in Morelia:

  • City downtown and its tourist attractions
  • Morelia’s Zoo
  • 8 Magical Towns in Michoacan near Morelia, including Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre and Tzintzuntzan

Events in Morelia:

  • Night of the Dead in November
  • Monarch Butterfly from November to march
  • Jazztival from march 26th to 29th
  • Gastrocervecero Festival in April
  • Morelia en Boca in may
  • Charro National Championship in July
  • Mexican independence in September
  • International Music Festival Miguel Bernal Jimenez
  • Organ International Festival
  • Morelia International Film Festival

What to Do in Morelia:

  • Ecotourism in Umecuaro, only 30 minutes to Patzcuaro
  • Excursions and camping in Los Azufres
  • Outdoor hiking in Los Filtros Viejos, only 5 minutes away from the hotel
  • Mountain biking in Santa Maria de Guido, only 15 minutes from the hotel
  • Paragliding in La Escalera
  • Zip line in Umecuaro
  • Kayaking in Umecuaro
  • Surfing in the beaches of Michoacan, like Nexpa
  • Diving in the beaches of Michoacan like Caleta de Campos
  • Sports fishing in Caleta de Campos
  • Boat tours and sailing in the coasts of Michoacan, only 3 hours away from Morelia